Tight On Money? Build Your MOBE Business With $49, Facebook, And Time [Video Transcript]

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Hello, and welcome. My name is Brian Katzung.

Many people are intrigued by the $49 MOBE MTTB program but are not up to the challenge of paying thousands of dollars to buy into MOBE licensing programs.

You have the potential to build a MOBE income stream much faster if you can find a way to invest in the licensing programs and paid advertising, but in this video for busres.com Business Resources, I will present an overview of one possible method to help you get started building a MOBE business with limited financial resources. In particular, I will summarize the resources you need, how to present yourself on Facebook, what to promote, and where and how to prospect.


At a minimum, you will need:

  • Frequent access to a computer with Internet access
  • An email account (you can use a free Google Gmail account)
  • A Facebook account
  • $49 US for the MOBE MTTB program
  • Time and effort

How You Present Yourself On Facebook

Using the method I describe below, you will be sending friend requests to some prospects on Facebook. Therefore, any timeline posts visible to the public or your “friends” should be content-appropriate. I suggest anything you wouldn’t share with a prospect if you were sitting face-to-face in a coffee shop or conference room should be restricted to a more limited Facebook distribution.

For privacy and potentially also for your personal safety, it’s also a good habit to “friend” prospects as acquaintances, and to share your more personal posts with “friends but not acquaintances”, if not more privately than that. I also recommend that you configure Facebook to disallow others from posting to your timeline.

Likewise, you should not abuse other people’s timelines. Resist the temptation to greet a new Facebook friend with a post on their timeline of the form “Thank you for connecting with me on Facebook. Check out my business page!” It’s like welcoming a new neighbor by posting your business sign in their front yard.

You should also keep in mind that the Facebook terms of service specifically state that “You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.” While you can post about your business from time to time on your personal timeline, it should not even remotely resemble an ongoing pitch-fest. In addition to violating the Facebook terms of service, many people are likely to either out-right reject your friend request or un-friend you shortly after seeing your timeline.

What MOBE Products To Promote

If you haven’t done so already, you should sign up for the MOBE MTTB program (see the link below the video), and complete all 21 steps so that you understand the MOBE system.

If you are really unable to raise the funds to go through MLR, the MOBE License Rights program, tell your coach (at step 6) that you want to finish the 21 steps anyway and that you will work your way up through the regular affiliate program. Your coach will likely question you about whether you have the motivation, determination, and perseverance. I suggest you decide whether the program is right for you before they ask.

Be sure to read and understand the MOBE compensation plan. A link for this is also included below the video. The compensation plan explains the products for which you are able to earn a commission as a regular, non-MLR affiliate, and how much you can earn.

You can promote through your own links, but in order to be able to earn bigger commissions, you may want to partner with a better-positioned affiliate. Please contact me in advance if you are interested in possibly working with my company.

Where And How To Prospect

First, a warning: DO NOT SPAM PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK! Not only will you make yourself very unpopular, there’s a good chance you could get kicked off Facebook! The goal is to develop a reputation of helping people solve problems, not to annoy them and generate ill will.

With that in mind, find groups and pages on Facebook for topics that might be able to benefit from MOBE products and solutions. These might include groups and pages about Internet marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), small business, and entrepreneurship, for example. See who is posting, liking, and responding. In Facebook groups, you can also look through the members list.

Try to start a natural conversation with the people you find. If you actually like a post or a comment in real life, “like” it on Facebook. Perhaps add a relevant comment of your own if possible. Check out people’s profiles and timelines if they are visible. If you think can “click” with somebody, send them a “friend” request. Don’t forget to add them as acquaintances after you send the friend request.

Try to engage in a conversation about their existing business or a business they hope to start. Be yourself. If you’re a beginning marketer, you can tell them you’re relatively new and you like to learn by talking to other marketers. Ask them if they are willing to tell you more about what they are doing. If they are open to sharing with you, you can subsequently move on to discussing how it is working out for them, and then to discussing if they are encountering any challenges.

If they have a challenge or a problem that MOBE (or some other product available to you) can solve, say something like “I may have a solution to your problem if you’re interested.” If you’ve had the same problem and MOBE has fixed it for you, you can say something like “I used to have that problem too.”

Let THEM take the next step. If they say yes, they’re interested, or they ask how you solved the problem, then you can offer the solution without appearing to be too pushy or a spammer. If they’re still interested, send them to the sales page or the order link, whichever is most appropriate. Even if they’re not interested now, try to stay on friendly terms. Someone might need your solution later even if they don’t want your solution now.

Ideally, you will also learn something new from each conversation!

This concludes this video. Thank you for watching. Please comment, like, share, and/or subscribe as appropriate.

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Brian Katzung - June 27, 2015

UPDATE: There is now an additional monthly fee of $19.95 to participate in the MOBE standard affiliate program.


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