New Jersey / Pennsylvania / Delaware

March 13 - 15, 2018

At this FREE 2-Hour Introductory Workshop in Mt. Laurel, King of Prussia, and Wilmington, we will show you the EXACT, PROVEN, step-by-step formula to build a lucrative (but beginner-friendly) online business from scratch, even without prior experience, special skills, your own products, inventory, or employees.

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Here is just some of what you will learn by attending this free, 2-hour workshop:

  • The most important factors determining your income level and financial security
  • Several key behaviors that tend to differentiate wealthy, successful people from others, and why they're important
  • Common myths about starting a business
  • The fastest way to get through the process of starting your business
  • (And why college is generally NOT the best place to learn it)
  • The fastest, easiest way to earn an income today (including best business model and products), and several other key benefits
  • Multiple ways to market your products and/or services
  • And much more...

People from all walks of life have used this process to take the fast track out of the rat race and into time and financial freedom.

The IM Freedom Workshop is the event you need to attend if you are at all serious about making the necessary changes to take control of your future, once and for all.​

Don't miss this golden opportunity​ to meet people who are using the system and to get your questions answered, face-to-face, on-the-spot.


  • People who are open to learning new ideas
  • People who like to help themselves or others (especially people who want to be able to help more people than they can now)
  • People who are interested in leveraging modern business models and systems for maximum results with minimum time and effort
  • People who want more time freedom by no longer having to trade their time for money
  • People who want more time freedom by eliminating hours of commuting
  • People who want to be able to have more time to live spontaneously
  • People who left a job working for someone else only to work even more hours (and sometimes for less money) for themselves
  • People who want more financial freedom (either before or after retiring)
  • People seeking an efficient way to fund other interests, including businesses or investment opportunities
  • People who want more location freedom (to travel or care for others, for example)
  • People seeking a new job or career


  • ​A completely turn-key business requiring no action on your part
  • A way to make money without investing any time, money, or effort
  • A get-rich-quick scheme or promise of any amount of income within any particular time frame
  • Passive financial investments


  • Anyone who already possesses everything and has accomplished everything they want in their life
  • Anyone who is unwilling to work or otherwise provide value in order to get value in return
  • Anyone who is unwilling to invest in their own, on-going personal education and growth
  • Anyone who likes to be completely spontaneous 100% of the time and never operates with goals or a plan
  • Anyone who would be offended that a professional business education company would make additional training available for purchase on a topic with more nuance and detail than can possibly be covered fully within a free, 2-hour workshop


Matt Lloyd is the youngest and most sought after expert in the home-business industry today after building his business to well over 160 million in sales by the age of 28.

​He has helped tens of thousands of people start and experience their first true success online, and he's routinely paid $25,000.00 plus royalties to craft million dollar online business plans for private clients.

​As a speaker, Matt has addressed audiences as large as 3,000 and shared the stage with some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. Today, he's on a mission to help 1,000,000 people over the next 5 years master the art of online marketing so they too can quit their Jobs and build a lucrative lifestyle business online.

Here's a video message from Matt:​


My name is Brian Katzung. I'm a spouse, parent, and founder of Business Resources, this website dedicated to helping current and aspiring entrepreneurs and other small businesses.

I started my career as a computer consultant and software developer because I believed at the time that it was the best way I could do a number of the things I love the most (especially using computers and technology to help people) and get paid for it.

Like most jobs (including those of most self-employed people), my computer consulting services involve trading time for money on either an hourly or salaried basis. The amount of value I'm able to deliver this way is limited by my time.

As a software developer, I can use leverage to overcome the time limitation by creating software products and selling licenses to lots of customers. The downside of this approach is that creating one's own products can often involve a fair amount of time, effort, cost, and risk associated with research, development, testing, delivery, and support.

Being part of the fast-paced and constantly evolving information technology field, it takes constant work to keep marketable skills up to date, and the field has become more competitive (accompanied by lower billable rates) for many services as a result of global outsourcing via the Internet.

As time went on, I began to feel more and more like I was "treading water trying to just stay afloat" and less and less like my efforts were "getting me ahead".

Instead of simply continuing to do what I had been doing (trying to keep up to date by learning the latest "commodity" skills), I wanted to find and learn even more leverageable skills that would allow me to take a "quantum" leap ahead.

Eventually I found this "secret" (little-known) step-by-step system I'm sharing with you here. I've been "blown away" by its power, elegance, and simplicity compared to my computer consulting business and others I've owned and operated over several decades.

Success Stories From People Just Like You:

"This training and business system has had a huge impact on my success. In my first 18 months online, I was able to make over $253,147.89."

Adeline Sugianto

​Jakarta, Indonesia

"I am a retired school teacher and don't know much about online marketing, but using Matt's system, I have already made over $71,945.47 in my spare time."

Deborah Robertson

Covington, Georgia

"Having multiple sources of income is important to me. Matt's system has allowed me to tap into an online income model I was not aware of before."

David Gilks

Perth, Australia

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Doubletree Hotel
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Sheraton Hotel
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Sheraton Hotel
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