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Here is just some of what you'll take away from this FREE 2-Hour Introductory Business Workshop in City:

  • ​A fast, easy, beginner-friendly, state-of-the-art, step-by-step system to start a lucrative, online business from scratch without any prior experience, special skills, inventory, or employees
  • Knowledge of what products and services will sell without costly and time-consuming research, development, and testing
  • How to have multiple and scalable income streams and maximum profits
  • How to outsource payment processing, product delivery, customer support, and more without paying for it out of your own pocket
  • Multiple ways to market and sell your products and services without having to be pushy, hit up all your friends and family, or even talk with prospects at all if you don't want to!
  • Ways to find funding to grow your business faster
  • An understanding of the most important factors affecting your financial security and business success


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  • People interested in starting a first business, additional business, or struggling with an existing business
  • People who want to be able to control when, where, and how many hours per week they work for personal health and work/life balance reasons, caring for others, travel, etc.
  • People interested in leveraging modern systems and technology to work for them 24/7 instead of having to depend on trading their personal time for money
  • People who want to be able to grow their income based on their desired lifestyle rather than shrinking their lifestyle to fit an income limited by how many jobs or hours they are able to work
  • People from all walks of life, from young (working age) to old (well into retirement)
  • People seeking equal opportunity or income equality
  • People seeking a global customer base as insulation against negative local economic factors such as mass layoffs or overall high regional unemployment
  • People looking for an efficient way to fund other activities, expenses, or investments, such as:
    • Charity / philanthropy or volunteer work
    • Home, auto, and healthcare expenses
    • Business, education, real estate, or other investments
  • People interested in financial independence and retiring early (FI/RE)
  • People who have trouble finding even two hours to invest in making the rest of their lives easier!
  • People interested in making a better life for themselves and their families
  • Yes, YOU!

You're more than welcome to invite as many guests as you would like, with their permission of course. It's free for all to attend.

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Do I need much money to start my business?

Will I need much time to operate my business?

Do I need my own website or any special skills?

Is there anything for sale at the workshop?


Matt Lloyd is the youngest and most sought after expert in the home-business industry today after building his business to well over 160 million in sales by the age of 28.

​He has helped tens of thousands of people start and experience their first true success online, and he's routinely paid $25,000.00 plus royalties to craft million dollar online business plans for private clients.

​As a speaker, Matt has addressed audiences as large as 3,000 and shared the stage with some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. Today, he's on a mission to help 1,000,000 people over the next 5 years master the art of online marketing so they too can quit their Jobs and build a lucrative lifestyle business online.

Here's a video message from Matt:​


My name is Brian Katzung. I'm a spouse, parent, and founder of Business Resources (this website dedicated to helping current and aspiring entrepreneurs and other small businesses). I've been passionate about using computers and information technology to help people since I began using them several decades ago.

In the Internet Age, computers and information technology provide the foundation for systems that can work for you, 24/7, and the Internet brings them right to the fingertips of your potential customers, world-wide. This workshop will show you how you can help yourself by helping others, quickly, easily, and with very low overhead.

I've been an employee in businesses from small to large, and owned and operated several businesses of my own. This is the simplest, most elegant, and most powerful small business training I've seen. I'm very happy I found it myself, and proud to recommend it!

Success Stories From People Just Like You

"This training and business system has had a huge impact on my success. In my first 18 months online, I was able to make over $253,147.89."

Adeline Sugianto

​Jakarta, Indonesia

"I am a retired school teacher and don't know much about online marketing, but using Matt's system, I have already made over $71,945.47 in my spare time."

Deborah Robertson

Covington, Georgia

"Having multiple sources of income is important to me. Matt's system has allowed me to tap into an online income model I was not aware of before."

David Gilks

Perth, Australia

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