On How To Ask For A Raise And The Gender Pay Gap – A Different Approach

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s now-disavowed comments that women should “trust the system” and that “not asking for a raise is good karma” at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference in Phoenix, Arizona have created quite a stir, and coverage from A to Z (or at least from Business Week to the Washington Post).

There are ways of addressing the issues of asking for a raise and the gender pay gap, but you may have to change your thinking.

With respect to asking for a raise, consider that you can control your own raises without having to ask someone else for them by owning and building your own business.

The key is to own and build a scalable business.

By that I mean a business that is not resource-limited (at least to the scale you are trying to achieve) and for which total profits can be increased by reinvesting more of them back into the business.

Every time you scale up your business, you can have a raise!

With respect to the gender pay gap, the gap is closed when compensation can be clearly defined against objective results and published for those involved to see.

As an example, Matt Lloyd’s MOBE licensing programs meet both of these constraints.

First, they are a scalable businesses: you generate leads (using techniques you can learn from the MOBE programs themselves) which convert to sales and result in commissions to you. By feeding additional funds from your profits into your marketing, you can readily scale your business.

Second, the commissions are all well documented in the MOBE Compensation Plan, so there are no opportunities for discriminatory compensation.

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