Getting The Most From Masterminds And Other Live Events

If you are going to be spending any significant time or money to attend a live event, here are some tips to help you get the most out of those investments.

  • Take lots of notes, unless a copy of the notes will be provided to you. Transcribing your notes after the meeting will help to both reinforce the information in your mind and reduce the chance of losing the information.
  • If permitted and the notes/slides are not being provided to you, use a camera to capture complex slides so that your note-taking is less time-intensive. If possible, use a camera with good image stabilization rather than a smart-phone in case you are unable to sit close to the screen.
  • Try to get pictures with people you don’t see often. You should try to get pictures with the presenters and other high-profile attendees in particular, but pictures with other attendees may be useful as well if you end up subsequently collaborating together on something. For these pictures, a smart-phone and a selfie stick are likely adequate, and are more convenient than having to always ask someone to take a picture for you.
  • It is wise to check your pictures carefully right after taking them to make sure they aren’t blurry. You may not get the opportunity to retake them later.
  • Cellular reception at some venues may be poor to non-existent and may cause your phone battery to run down faster than usual. Having an external battery for your phone or a USB charging cord to charge it from an outlet or a laptop can be a real “life saver”.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to make “on location” videos. A collection of stills can also come in handy to use as part of later presentations (or even to use as a chroma-keyed background if you need to (re)make additional videos after you return).
  • Consider the “VIP” tickets or meal add-ons if possible. These often represent an excellent opportunity for photos, to ask the presenters additional questions or to learn from their answers to others’ questions, and to network with fellow attendees.
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