A Highly-Capable Video Studio on a Modest Budget – Part 1

Part 1 covers my camera, tripod, microphone, lighting, backdrop/background, and editing software. (Part 2 is available here.)


Camera (Sony PJ540)

Sony PJ540 at Amazon.com
Camcorders at Amazon.com

Sony PJ540 at B&H Photo
Camcorders at B&H Photo

There are also many excellent DSLR cameras with video recording capabilities.

Camera Control Software (Sony PlayMemories Mobile)

Sony PlayMemories Mobile for Android
Sony PlayMemories Mobile for iOS

Microphone Systems

Polsen PL5 lavalier microphone at B&H Photo
Lavalier microphones at B&H Photo
Video microphones at Amazon.com

Polsen ULW-16-PL5 transmitter, receiver, and microphone at B&H Photo

Sony ECM-W1M bluetooth wireless microphone system (only for compatible Sony cameras)
Sony ECM-W1M at Amazon.com
Sony ECM-W1M at B&H Photo
Microphones at B&H Photo

Lighting (Raya Two-Light Kit)

Raya two-light kit at B&H Photo
Continuous lighting systems at B&H Photo

Background (Impact Background System Kit)

Impact Background System Kit at B&H Photo
Backgrounds at B&H Photo

Editing software (CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra)

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra for Windows
TechSmith Camtasia for Mac
GoPro Studio (for Windows or Mac OS; more limited, but free)

Video editing software at B&H Photo

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