Screen Still And Video Capture Utilities

These utilities allow you to capture still and video recordings of your screen. They can be used for sharing issues with technical support, screencast-style marketing videos, etc.

Name Vendor PlatformS Notes
Camtasia TechSmith Mac, Windows $99 (Mac) / $299 (Windows); screen recording and video editing
Jing TechSmith Mac, Windows Free; captures stills, and video up to five minutes
liteCam HD RSupport Windows  $38 (including portable license); capture video (region, window, or screen); workspace markup tools, extensive format controls, webcam PIP
Snagit TechSmith Mac, Windows  $49.95; captures stills and video (region, window, or screen); markup tools for stills, trim video clips

All prices were believed to be accurate on the date of publication (2014-12-17) but are not guaranteed and are subject to change. See the vendors’ product pages for the most current information.

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Brian Katzung - January 5, 2015

** NOTE: **
At this time, liteCam HD cannot select windows for recording under Windows 8. You must manually select screen regions using the rectangle option in order to record individual windows.

FYI, window selection in TechSmith’s SnagIt works properly under Windows 8, however SnagIt does not include the webcam PIP feature of liteCam HD.

Brian Katzung - April 8, 2017


I’ve now installed liteCam HD on several occasions with mixed results. While it has some excellent features, the installation requires multiple steps, configuration is confusing, and sometimes I just can’t figure out why basic stuff won’t work.


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