To-Do Lists And Productivity

Is your “to-do list” making you depressed because there’s always something more to do? (Even if you manage to accomplish everything on your list for today, you’ll have a new one for tomorrow.) Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself to be more productive? I know this has happened to me.

Here’s an option: Make an accomplishments list, and move your to-do-list items to the accomplishments list (along with the completion date) when they’re done. If you’re making progress on your to-do list, you’ll be able to see it on the accomplishments list. If you’re not, you’ll know you have to work harder on eliminating distractions.

Be honest with yourself about what actually constitutes an accomplishment, though. Surfing the Internet is not an accomplishment (unless you’re done forever and don’t have to waste any more time on it!). Learning a new way to promote your business is a better candidate. Actually going out and promoting your business (by placing ads or following up with prospects, for example) is an accomplishment. Getting new leads and closing sales are a great accomplishments!

Want motivation? Challenge yourself to accomplish more this week than last week, or even better, to accomplish more today than yesterday. Keep it up, and watch for those accomplishments!

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